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Priors Hall Farm
Great Dunmow
United Kingdom

01371 870 256


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Curry Sauces

These are 'Freedom Fresh' curry sauces, they are dairy free and free from artificial ingredients. Serve up with either Chicken or Lamb for a great meal.


Chicken Breast Fillets
Approx size: 300g/each
Estimated price:  £11.40/kg
Diced Chicken
Approx size: 500g/each
Estimated price:  £12.00/kg
Diced Lamb
Approx size: 500g/each
Estimated price:  £15.30/kg
Indian Balti Curry (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
Indian Tikka Masala (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
Indonesian Coconut Curry (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
Moroccan Tagine (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
Thai green curry (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
Thai red curry (330g)
Total:  £2.99/each
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